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Penwork Publishing, LLC believes that marketing on all platforms is an imperative component when aiming to highlight your published literary works. Strategic marketing campaigns support and give traction to your brand by stimulating sales and engaging new readers.


Recognizing that your work is a result of one of your dreams, the Penwork team is well equipped and always delivers a polished and professional product to your growing audience. We understand the importance of keeping up with your original concept so that you are truly represented throughout the process of marketing your brainchild.


Individually tailored marketing plans are comprised of a combination of press releases, headlining book signings, web and radio interviews, social media positioning, specific & targeted email contacts, video promos, expos, book fairs and other various methods. We decide only after identifying with you as an individual.

There is no cookie-cutter method that works for every single author.

Penwork Publishing, LLC is based in the southeast but most certainly NOT limited to local demographics!  It has been proven time and time again that marketing has always been most effective on a larger and more international scale.  

Penwork Publishing, LLC has you covered!


It is time for YOU to GROW!

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