Lataryn Rainey-Perry


A woman with a vision!

Accomplished Author, Lataryn Rainey-Perry, an undeniable dreamer decided that it was time to turn all of her vivid dreaming into an act of "doing". Discovering her love of writing as early as age 7 and penning her first title at 16 years old, the passion to create never once dissolved. Fast forwarding to adulthood, there was nothing that Lataryn enjoyed more than writing.

After serving 8 years in the United States Marine Corps, married with children, and earning a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences from Kaplan University, Lataryn decided to put more time in with her writing. The pursuit to get help to publish her first title was unsuccessful. The only thing out there were "so called" publishing companies looking to publish your work with inflated pricing and absolutely no assistance. The failed attempt fueled Lataryn to self publish not one but two titles and start her own publishing company.

Lataryn stands on the belief that all authors including those aspiring to become authors deserve to be able to do what they love and have proper, thoroughly supportive assistance that is AFFORDABLE. It is her belief that her experience in trying to find such help occurs way to often in this industry and when you have a passion for doing something that no one else can relate to or understand it can stagnate your growth. Knowing all too well what that frustration does to affect your everyday life, Lataryn decided to dedicate the time to build Penwork Publishing, LLC to ensure that no creative genius is left behind, led astray, or robbed of their literary "baby".

There are four words that Lataryn lives by daily, DREAM. BELIEVE. ASPIRE. INSPIRE. ...and that is what she does at the helm of Penwork Publishing, LLC.

Lataryn resides in her hometown of Charleston, SC with her husband and three daughters.

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