No Thanks, I’m on a Budget is a book designed to provide basic financial literacy to help individuals build a solid financial foundation to achieve financial stability. In today’s society, there are multiple ways to generate income, but individuals are failing to do the number one thing that will lead to financial success, which is budgeting.


No Thanks, I’m on a Budget is a self-help book designed to show an effective way to create a budget, how and why budgets fail, how to save, and how to eliminate debt. It also includes bank literature, financial strategies for singles and couples, and provides several financial theories invented over the years to help individuals achieve financial success.


If you are tired of withdrawing from your savings account every month, using credit accounts to fund daily activities and want to build a better relationship with money, No Thanks, I’m on A Budget is just the book for you.  

No Thanks I'm on a Budget

  • Release date is set for September 3, 2020.

    All preorders will be shipped out once the book has been released.

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