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Publish with Penwork

If you are looking for a publisher, then you have come to the right place. Penwork Publishing accepts submissions from all genres with the exception of children's books


A contract will be offered only to the authors that we choose to work with.  Our publishing fees were designed with the author in mind. Publishing can be very pricey, but we have found a way to ensure that our prices are affordable to all. 

What you will receive through publishing with Penwork:

  • Softcover and e-book

  • Editing and design

  • Publishing contract with a 1-year term

  • ISBN number

  • Cooperative team treatment of author

  • Print and digital full distribution through Ingram &  Amazon KDP and online retailers

  • 60% author royalties on print and digital net sales and 50% on audio.

  • Our marketing program includes: tip sheet, media releases, book Web page, cover polls, and promotion of the book to booksellers and other distributors. We also coach authors on social media and other marketing through the life cycle of the book.

  • 2 copies of your softcover proof

  • Ability to purchase additional books below wholesale and sell them 

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