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“A place where creativity has no limits...”

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About us 

Penwork Publishing, LLC, is a 100% women & veteran owned company.
Penwork Publishing, LLC was officially launched December 31, 2015 with a mission to encourage authors to flow in their creative gifts. We've dedicated ourselves to meeting the immediate needs of all authors by providing supportive services to assist each author with their writing and publishing journey.  


Our team is dedicated to ensuring that each author receives creative inspiration and a solid foundation, both of which are necessary, to constantly give birth to strong bodies of work. Here at Penwork, we are equipped to cultivate your raw talent into astonishing publication works that could very well provide a mental escape for the many readers that decide to indulge.

Dream, Believe, Aspire & Inspire are not just words, it's our mantra because Penwork Publishing, LLC operates solely in the spirit of EXCELLENCE!

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